Terms and Conditions

PaperArtsy Trading Terms and Conditions
New Customers
All new customers must provide the following before we can approve you as a PaperArtsy supplier:
1. 2 recent invoices from 2 major suppliers (copies). A contact name(s) and direct phone contact from these suppliers.
2. USA stores - a copy of your trading licence / tax certificate
3. UK/ EU/AU/NZ/CAN stores – a copy of your VAT/GST sales tax certificate.
4. A shop-front photograph.
5. A ‘yellow pages’ listing or page showing a recent magazine advertisement.
• Goods supplied by PaperArtsy on a wholesale basis are for re-sale only, not end user use.
• We do not supply e-bay stores or non-VAT/GST registered (online) stores.
• All new customers must fill out and return the Trading Status Form before we can agree to supply you.
Order and pay online at your convenience via our Trade-only website www.paperartsy.co.uk . The entry button is at the foot of the home page. Once you are a verified customer, you will be issued with the password. If you have lost or forgotten the password, please email us. This is the fastest and easiest way to order. If you have any queries please call 0044 (0)1277 212911 NB. International callers do not need to dial (0) or email us at sales@paperartsy.co.uk
• If stock is TNA (temporarily not available) backorders will be sent carriage free ASAP worldwide
All orders must be paid in full in advance. We accept credit and debit cards (not Discover).
• All orders require a minimum of Sterling £50 purchase (before shipping and UK sales tax).
• Un-mounted plates are packaged in sealed clear bags with an image index sheet and integrated euro-style hole, ready for hanging retail display.
• Ink and the Dog Stamp Collection
- A6 size (quarter of a full sheet) approx 3.5” x 5” plates UM or on E-Z mount. Min 3 per SKU £2.50ea UM (RRP £6.00), £4.00ea on E-Z (RRP £9.60)
• Cats Meow Stamp Collection
- 7” x 3” (1/3 of a full sheet) portrait orientation plates UM or on E-Z Mount. Min 3 per SKU
£3.75ea UM (RRP £9.0), £5.80 E-Z (RRP £13.90)
• Free carriage for UK, France, Netherlands, Germany for orders of £250 (Before tax) or more. Otherwise shipped at cost.
• All international carriage will be charged at cost (i.e. no free shipping except for backorders). We ship to shops all over the world using reliable and cost efficient methods. You will be advised of costs before we charge you. The cost quoted online is the middle range charge, there are other options. Ask for a quote.
• Any order errors or omissions must be advised within 7 days of receipt of goods.
• Any faulty items will be replaced, and dispatched to retailer (or direct to your customer if you prefer) free of charge, at any time, no questions asked.
Reservation of Title
• Goods remain the property of PaperArtsy until payment is received in full.
• We are an ‘Angel’ Company with a policy that encourages free expression. We recognise that scanning your hand stamped art to produce digitally altered art is becoming a popular method of artistic expression, and we are more than happy for people to alter their one-off items of creativity in this manner.
• This policy does not allow mass reproduction of more than 5 similar items for commercial gain/ re-sale. In short, you cannot mechanically reproduce images to benefit yourself commercially.
• Hand stamped original items for cottage industry re-sale is permitted with no limitations on quantity of items produced.
• If you are unsure of any of these terms please email us for permission or clarification at sales@paperartsy.co.uk
If these conditions are not met we reserve the right to terminate our contract to supply you.
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.

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