Our Story
PaperArtsy was opened in 2003 by Leandra, and Mark joined a couple of years later. Mark (pre-rubber) was a chiropractor in New Zealand, and Leandra was a Japanese/Social Sciences teacher. Since our move from England to France in September 2020, we now (unexpectedly) employ daughters Courtney, Ella and Millie and son Hugo while they are in Covid-limbo, and together with Dounia (our First French employee) we manufacture our own brand of stamps, stencils, and colour craft products such as Infusions and Fresco Finish Acrylic Paints from our new location in the South-West of France, quite near the Dordogne River. 

We work with a fantastic group of talented designers who each offer their own spin on craft and creativity. We relish their unique and very distinctive creative style and how they offer our stockists and consumers worldwide wonderful inspiration and educational classes. We nurture them and their product range under the wider PaperArtsy umbrella. When you join PaperArtsy as a stockist, you are part of one big craft family! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Almost all we produce -  making stamps, bottling paint and infusions, cutting stencils -  is done on site. We do not outsource production. We sell those and other PaperArtsy branded items to craft and art stores around the world. We have exported our brand from Europe since 2003. We do not have a physical store (yet), but we do hope to have a teaching space in the future, so our address is our manufacturing workshop. If you are in France and would like to meet up, please call us to make an appointment.

Becoming a PaperArtsy Stockist
If you wish to be a PaperArtsy stockist, you must meet 3 criteria:
1. Be VAT/ GST (sales tax) registered within your territory.
2. Teach classes on a regular basis in store, online etc.
3. Have a physical and/ or online store(ideally both).
In addition to this we will take into account how close physically you might be to an existing store.

Education with our products is so important to us. We do not supply for bulk sale on TV shopping channels, for ebay or similar, or to large distribution networks. We hand pick our independent stockists and we are extremely selective about who we agree to supply. We want our stockists to have a semi-exclusive line of supply, and become known as a PaperArtsy specialist in your area.

All stockists are welcome to use ideas seen on our blog, YouTube channel and other socials to assist with the sale of our products in your store or online. As a courtesy to the artist, please give credit to the originator of any creation you use or adapt in class or online.

Our product development, quality and integrity
The PaperArtsy brand represents innovation, top quality, individual creativity, unique ideas and fabulous 'enabler' education. We are passionate about what we make, who we partner with and what we teach. We won't scrimp on quality, we use the best quality raw materials to bring you the absolute best products we can.

We value and appreciate our customers and  stockists world wide! Thank you for your support, now and in the future. It's a pleasure to bring so many new concepts, products and ideas to you, the wider PaperArtsy family who love and promote our products as much as we do.

PaperArtsy SARL: Toutifaud, Couze-et-Saint-Front, 24150 FRANCE.

e: sales@paperartsy.co.uk  w: www.paperartsy.com  p: +44(0)1277 212911 TVA: FR72888706066